Obama says NO to son playing football

PC_PajamaBoy_prIn a recent interview with the New Yorker, President Obama said he would not let his son play pro football. Of course he wouldn’t! If Obama had a son he would probably look like Pajama Boy.

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Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks – All Talk, No Peace.

The Washington Post reports that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will resume long-stalled (40 some years, isn’t it?) direct peace talks this Monday. The State Department announced yesterday that the two sides had accepted invitations (?) from Secretary of State John Kerry to resume talks following Kerry’s six-month “frenetic shuttle diplomacy.’

“Both leaders have demonstrated a willingness to make difficult decisions that have been instrumental in getting to this point,” Kerry said in the statement. “We are grateful for their leadership.”

In related news, Fox News reports,

“The State Department confirmed this month the administration has moved forward with $500 million in aid, and is trying to secure another $200 million from Congress. Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says the aid is important, because an “economically viable Palestinian Authority” would help regional peace and security.”

Difficult decisions indeed. Netanyahu and the Israeli Cabinet agree to release 104 Palestinian terrorists and Mahmoud Abbas…well, his difficult decision was whether to accept a mere $500 million for a pointless two-day meeting or hold out for $200 million more.

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“This year’s elections are just too important to sit out.”

Oddly enough, every once in a while a liberal Democrat will say something even we conservatives can agree with.

Michelle Obama: “This year’s elections are just too important to sit out. There’s so much at stake right now for our future and our children’s future.”

Thanks, Michelle. We couldn’t have said it more succinctly.

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The Pelosi/Reid cure-all to end the recession and grow the economy

Newt Gingrich advised Republicans to make a contrast between Democrats who promote food stamps as their economic policy and Republicans who actually promote the useful concept called paychecks to grow the prosperity of Americans.

Unintentionally validating Gingrich, Nancy Pelosi responded by stating that food stamps and unemployment insurance are what it takes to end to the recession and grow the economy. “It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance – the biggest bang for the buck,” said Pelosi.

If we follow that line of reasoning, wouldn’t it be a good idea to put everyone on unemployment and give them food stamps? Think of the robust economy we could have then.

Debating Sharon Angle to retain his Nevada Senate seat, Harry Reid said raising the minimum wage increases employment. If that is indeed true, and with unemployment at a staggering 9.6%, why don’t we just raise the minimum wage till everyone has a job. Who knew the answer was so simple. Any time unemployment starts to go up, we’ll slash it by just raising the minimum wage.

With such poorly framed economic solutions coming from the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House, it’s no wonder Democrats are headed for a train wreck next month.

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Searching for ObamaCare Democrats

Pauline Kael, the former film critic for The New Yorker, raised the bar for political folly when she expressed astonishment at President Richard Nixon’s election sweep in 1972. “How could that be?” she demanded. “I don’t know a single person who voted for him.” This was a president who won a land-slide victory of 49 out of 50 states and she didn’t know one person who voted for him

As mystifying as Nixon’s victory was for Pauline Kael in 1972, it is equally as mystifying in 2010 to find a Democrat running for re-election who voted for Obamacare.

According to Michael Barone, surveys of ads run by candidates indicate that not a single Democrat has run an ad bragging about the health-care bill since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did last April. At least five House Democrats are running ads bragging about their votes against Obamacare. Another handful of candidates are running campaigns that do not even identify themselves as Democrats.

Ironically, this may be the first election in American history where Republicans and a majority of Democrats are campaigning on the same issues – the debacle of Obamacare and the Stimulus, runaway spending, soaring deficits, government bailouts and fiscal recklessness.

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Obama’s “Summer Recovery Program” – Outsourcing jobs

Wondering where all the jobs are in this new Obama Summer Recovery Program? Two recent articles offer some insight.

From The Wall Street Journal:

“MEXICO CITY (Dow Jones)–U.S. automobile giant General Motors Co. said Tuesday it plans to invest close to $500 million in its Ramos Arizpe plant in northern Mexico to produce a new line of engines as well as a new vehicle.

“We estimate that these technologies allow for a 9% improvement in fuel efficiency from current engines,” Lieblein said, adding that the investment will directly create 390 jobs in Coahuila state, where Ramos Arizpe is located.

Another $215 million will go toward upgrading the factory’s production lines to build a new vehicle for the domestic and international markets, she said, noting that the investment will be key to maintaining 400 jobs.

Assembly of the vehicle, which wasn’t named, is set to begin in the last quarter of 2011. GM plans for it to “give long-term viability to this plant by gradually substituting some production volumes.”

Lieblein said General Motors has invested $4.1 billion in Mexico over the last four years.”

From Information Week:

“Despite President Obama’s pledge to retain more hi-tech jobs in the U.S., a federal agency run by a hand-picked Obama appointee has launched a $36 million program to train workers, including 3,000 specialists in IT and related functions, in South Asia.

Following their training, the tech workers will be placed with outsourcing vendors in the region that provide offshore IT and business services to American companies looking to take advantage of the Asian subcontinent’s low labor costs.

Under director Rajiv Shah, the United States Agency for International Development will partner with private outsourcers in Sri Lanka to teach workers there advanced IT skills like Enterprise Java (Java EE) programming, as well as skills in business process outsourcing and call center support. USAID will also help the trainees brush up on their English language proficiency.”


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It’s time for real tax breaks

The “Cash for Clunkers” program offered purchasers a tax credit up to $4,500. First time new home buyers recently got an $8,000 tax credit. “Cash for Clunker Appliances” and “Cash for Caulkers” tax breaks soon followed. Now we have a $7,500 tax credit to buyers of an electric Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf.

If tax breaks are so good for expensive, lame government-made cars and ten-year old washers and dryers, why can’t we get genuine tax breaks that would actually stimulate the economy and create jobs?


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