War is Not the Answer?

More often than not, war is the only answer. Throughout history, appeasement has never worked. Neither has diplomacy when dealing with dictatorships, fanatical Islamists, or mentally incompetent heads of state. If it were not for war, those who now foolishly carry their signs protesting war, and in particular, “George Bush’s war on terror”, would not be free to carry those signs.

As Mark Steyn recently said in reply to a letter he received, “Presumably if war is “never” the answer, those wrinkly Vietnam love-in types would be happy for the British Crown to have its rebel colonies back.”

Don Feder, former Boston Hearld columnist, writes that if it wasn’t for war we would have no country because America was born on the battlefield. If it wasn’t for war, half the world would be singing the German national anthem and the other half would be bowing to the honorable emperor of Japan.

“And now, let us say a few good words for warfare and violence. Those whose mantra is violence-never-solved-anything, are dogma-blinded, historical illiterates who would lead us down the soft path to national suicide.

Without warfare and violence, we would have no country. America was born on the battlefield. (George III would never have let us go without a fight.)

The Declaration of Independence was noble words penned on paper. It was the sword that gave them a reality. In this instance, the perpetrators of revolutionary violence included John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington – men of learning and ability all.

Without warfare and violence the 11 states of the Confederacy would have successfully seceded in 1861, leaving us with two truncated nations. And the slaves would have been pickin’ cotton for ‘ole massah for at least a few decades more.

Without warfare and violence in 1939-1945, today, half the world would be singing “Deutschland uber Alles,” while the other half bowed to the honorable emperor of Japan.

And without warfare and violence during the Cold War, the world would have been swallowed up by a monstrous ideology responsible for 100 million deaths in the 20th century.

Today, the choice is warfare and violence or total submission to Islamofascism – the annihilation of the Jewish people, the subjugation of women, dhimmi status for those infidels still alive and a world governed by a barbaric desert ethos.”

It is time to face the hard cold fact that Militant Islam wants to kill us. They want to kill us for the simple reason we do not believe as they do. You can not negotiate with people whose minds are that sick. How do you negotiate with an enemy who think nothing of strapping a bomb-laden backpack to their nine year-old daughter and have her walk into a crowded pizza parlor to to blow herself up with as many Jews as possible? How do you negotiate with an enemy whose interpretation of the Geneva Convention in regard to prisoners of war is to saw the prisoner’s head off in front of television cameras?  

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