CBS News – Still “Rather” biased


Last night, marveling at how the price of a gallon of gasoline has fallen to the lowest all year, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric wondered,

Is this an election year present from President Bush to fellow Republicans?

This curious question was followed by a video of a “GOP: Grand Oil Party” bumper sticker lying on the dashboard of a car with CBS reporter Anthony Mason in the background snidely asserting,

Gas started going down just as the fall campaign started heating up. Coincidence? Some drivers don’t think so.”

Crack reporter Mason then conceded,

call the conspiracy theory crazy”, but then, “it’s spreading through Internet blogs and over the airwaves. And a recent poll found 42% of people actually believe the Bush administration has deliberately manipulated the price of gas to affect the election.”

Outstanding analysis! Does cute little Katie Couric, CBS Evening News, and 42% of Americans  actually believe that Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world is still paying $79.00 a barrel for oil while the Bush administration has manipulated the price so that America is only paying $59.00 a barrel? That the United States is the only country in the world that is paying less for a gallon of gas than it did last year… or last March, or last month?

I’m sure it’s just coincidental that the aforementioned 42% of Americans who believe that the Bush administration is manipulating the price of gas at the pump is near the same percentage of Americans that are registered Democrats.

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