Democrats Salute to Vets – Canadian Vets

Despite the Democrat’s obligatory “We support the troops” rhetoric, it is common knowledge that their party has little use for the U.S. military. Even so, one would think the Democrats would at least know what an American soldier looks like.

I’m afraid not.

On Michelle Malkin’s blog this morning, she has a photo pulled from the Democratic National Committee’s website for “Veterans and Military Families” where the Democrats purport to care about the welfare of U.S. troops.  There is a photo of a proud looking soldier standing tall in his dress uniform with the subtitle “Get Involved” accompanying the article.

The only problem is: the soldier is a Canadian in a Canadian uniform!

Oh, well. At least there are some soldiers the Democrats appreciate.

Needless to say, the photo was removed from the DNC webisite shortly after it was pointed out by an “army” of Republicans that it was a Canadian soldier. I guess to Democrats, all soldiers look the same.  

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