Some Thoughts on the Mid-Term Election

The Democrats appear to be thrilled that the American voting public has sent President George Bush and the neo-cons to the woodshed. After six years of cursing and calling Bush every contemptible name in the book, the Dems believe they finally got their message out. Sorry, people, but that dog don’t hunt. The Democrat “landslide” of taking control of both houses of Congress was not a vote of confidence for the undefined agenda and a “change of direction” of the Democratic Party as it was a rejection of Bush, the war in Iraq, and the spending habits of the Republican Party.

After the election, Senator Hillary Clinton said, “We have made a statement here tonight.” I beg to disagree, Senator. The only statement made here tonight was the Democrats ran a successful campaign portraying the Republicans as “the culture of corruption” and George Bush as the reincarnation of Hitler. American did not vote because they were enthralled with the vague policies of the Democratic Party but because they were disappointed with the policies of the Republican Party.

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