2007 AP – AOL Poll

 The latest Associated Press – AOL poll taken to find out what Americans contemplate the New Year holds generally found the results to be quite positive. America is feeling good about the future. Unremarkable, many foreign countries, upon analyzing the results of the same poll, conclude that most Americans predict a gloomy year. Oh well…you can’t win them all.  

One of the more interesting results in the poll was when the question was asked to name the biggest Villain of the Year and respondents were allowed to pick any name. President George Bush won “Villain of the Year” hands down with 25% of the vote- one in every four Americans. Osama bin Laden of al Qaeda and World Trade Center fame came in a dismal second carrying only 8% of the mentions. Recently hung madman and mass murderer Saddam Hussein managed only 6% followed closely by the Holocaust denier and Hitler wanna-be Armadinejad with 5% and vertically challenged nut-job Kim Jong Il of North Korea trailing the pack with only 2%.

I am so thrilled to find that the good citizens of the United States have finally caught up with what the rest of the world knew all along. Similar polls taken in Iran, Syria, Sudan, and a few other basket case countries with more or less incompetent dictatorships report the same results. President Bush also won “Villain of the Year” in Germany, France, Belgium, and a few other Islamo-European countries dependent on the world’s most powerful nation for their own national defense. Bush would have won in England, but Tony Blair edged him out when the mail-in votes were counted.

Another revealing question asked in the poll was to name Hero of the Year. Again respondents were told they could pick anyone. Strangely, President Bush also won that poll award by a landslide. What is America thinking? The troops in Iraq came in second with 6% of the vote. More curious than Bush also winning the “Hero of the Year” award, were the third, fourth, and fifth place nominees, which all came in tied at 3% each. Jesus Christ got 3%, but so did Oprah…and Barack Obama. Isn’t it just swell that Jesus ranks right up there with Oprah? And He doesn’t even have a TV show much less a U.S. Senate seat like Barack Obama. It must be because His book is still on the Best Seller List after 2,000 years.

So how serious should we take a poll that reports President Bush is the overwhelming choice of one in every four Americans as the “Villain of the Year?” And, yet at the same time he wins over twice the votes of shared third place winner Oprah Winfrey for “Hero of the Year?”

About as seriously as we take all the silly, inane, misleading results from most other polls.

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  1. Herbesse says:

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