He’s a Clean Looking Guy

Senator Barack Obama is “the first mainstream African-American who’s articulate, bright and clean and a nice looking guy”, stated Senator Joe Biden in an interview with the New York Observer the other day.

Since then, the media have been all over Biden to one extent or another on what Biden meant by that statement.

Personally, I do not like Biden’s politics. I think he’s pretty much of a weasel when it comes to the war in Iraq and the War on Terrorism in general. I do not, however, believe that Sen. Biden is prejudiced towards African-Americans or any other minority group. Biden is no different than most other politicians when it comes to verbosity. They all have diarrhea of the mouth and every so often something totally ignorant rolls off their tongue and into the days headline news.

Responding to Hardball’s Chris Matthews interrogation, Biden said he was “complementing one of his colleagues.” Biden went on to say that Obama was “like a meteor…there’s not a single politician in either party that wouldn’t like to be positioned where he is at this point.” Biden’s point when he said Obama was “clean” was that Obama is fresh, he’s new and he’s exciting.

Biden’s use of the term “clean” in describing Obama is correct in the context of politics. Clean because as of this date, no one has really dug up any dirt on Obama. And Obama, as exciting as many people find him, is squeaky clean because he has no political record to speak of. Obama has only been a U.S. Senator for two years.

So let’s get off of Biden’s back for a clumsy innocuous statement to a reporter. Biden’s statements on the war and the direction he wants this nation to go have ramifications that will adversely effect America for years to come. Biden to Barack is a “distraction on the war on terror” as Speaker Pelosi likes to say.

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