An Inconvenient Truth On Carbon Credits

No sooner had Academy Award winner Albert Gore waddled up to the podium to collect his gold Oscar for best fiction in a documentary feature insipidly titled, An InconvientTruth, than it was learned that Mr. Gore practice naught what he preacheth.

According to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, an independent, non-profit research organization, Al Gore’s twenty room, eight bathroom, mansion in Nashville uses more electricity in one month than the average American household uses in one year. Global Warming Guru Gore burned up over 221,000 killowatt-hours in 2006 – twenty times more than the average American schmuck who consumed only 10,656 kilowatt-hours. In a pathetic attempt to minimize the damage, a spokesperson for Mr. Gore said that Gore has installed solar panels, or will be installing solar panels, and that Mr. Gore buys carbon credits to offset his massive power usage.

If Al Gore has solar panels installed and still uses twenty times the amount of electricity the rest of us do, he must be using enough power to light up Times Square. If, however, Al Gore is only just now planning on installing solar panels, will he please explain why has he not done so before now?

Carbon credits is a term few of us avereage working people were familiar with until recently. Carbon credits is a slick means by which rich liberals and Hollywood movie stars pay someone else to be “green” so they can continue living in their sprawling mansions and traveling in their personal jets while proclaiming to be carbon neutral. Let’s say you’re the La La Land Global Warming activist Laurie David and you need to fly to the Riviera to get a pedicure. Your personal Lear jet is going to emit about 20,000 pounds of carbon dioxide during the trip so you call your friendly carbon credit dealer and buy 20,000 pounds of credit. Bingo! Now you are once again carbon neutral and you feel good about saving the planet from gloabl warming.

Al Gore buys carbon credits but he has an even better deal than Laurie David. He buys carbon credits from himself. That’s right. Mr. Gore essentially writes a check to Mr. Gore for carbon credits. That’s because Al Gore gets his carbon credits from Generation Investment Management, LLP , an independent, private, owner-managed partnership he established in 2004 and is Chairman of the Board. The Inconvenient Truth of the matter is though that neither you nor I or anyone else can purchase carbon credits from Generation Investment Management. Only Al Gore has that unique privilege. GIM does not sell carbon credits to the general public.

Personally, I don’t care that Al Gore has a huge mansion in Nashville and several other homes as well. I wish I did too. What I do care about is the blatent, utter hypocrisy of someone like Al Gore telling me I shouldn’t be driving an SUV and that I need to reduce my standard of living to assure I leave a small carbon footprint while he slogs around the world with a carbon footprint the size of a tyrannosaurus rex.

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4 Responses to An Inconvenient Truth On Carbon Credits

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  3. Jack Ryan says:

    David, you are a stupid tool. You don’t even give a squat about the environment.

  4. Greetings! I’m new to the site. I’ve read several comments about cooling solar panels but I haven’t seen anything about this: Will spraying the hot surface of solar panel glass with cool water break the glass? I am concerned about the sudden temperature change introducing stress to the glass surf.

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