Big Challenge for Progressives

This morning I was looking for the actual and accurate numbers as opposed to the made-up numbers in a recent column by NY Times’ economic doomsday prophet, Paul Krugman, when I ran across a post by Donald Luskin. One of Luskin’s readers, Robert Paci, had been reading the “Puffington Post” ( for humor, no doubt) and found a comment written by some left-wing loony liberal who is worried that his committment to “progressive” ideals – which he shamelessly defines as bigger government – is being undermined by the reality that most Americans don’t really want bigger government.

“The newest Democracy Corps polling/focus group reporthas some stuff in there that also just scares the shit out of me, and ought to scare anyone who cares about the broader progressive agenda.”

Look at some of these numbers:

A. If the federal government were to receive additional money, do you think that money is more likely to be spent well or is it more likely to be wasted?

  • Spent well: 13%
  • Wasted: 83%

B. The government does more to help people get ahead in life.

  • 30% agree

C. The government mostly gets in the way of the economy and job growth.

  • 57% agree

…Which statement do you identify more with?

I want Congress to first invest in areas like health care, education, and energy, even if means spending additional money.

  • 36% agree


I want Congress to first focus on cutting wasteful spending and making government more accountable.

  • 58% agree

Even in this day and age, the Democratic Party of progressives and liberals are still dumfounded to learn that Americans believe they know better how to lead their lives than the government does.

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One Response to Big Challenge for Progressives

  1. antifolkhero says:

    I think there is some merit to what you’re saying. Its hard not to want to the government out of our lives after all the blunders they’re continually making on our behalf. The important question is, has the current Republican regime made the government any more efficient or even any smaller?

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