Harry Reid Declares Defeat

Sen. Harry Reid announced today the United States has been defeated by Iraq. Reid said he told President George Bush in no uncertain terms the Iraq war was lost and the recent troop increase had accomplished nothing.

At a news conference, Reid said, “Now I believe myself … that this war is lost, and that the surge is not accomplishing anything, as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday.”

Harry Reid’s statement is borderline sedition. If Reid truly believes what he said, “the war is lost”, then what he did afterward is even more contemptible. For if Harry Reid believes the war is lost and then turned right around and voted to keep our military in Iraq until at least October 2007, then hundreds more American troops will die uselessly in a war Reid says is lost.

To the men and women serving in Iraq, Harry Reid has just announced you have failed to win the war and the United States has lost. Despicably, Reid has also voted to keep you in Iraq until at least October in a Democratic sponsored provision attached to the military funding bill you rquire. You’ll have to ask Harry why, if the war is lost, you have to stay and keep fighting and dying for at least another five months.

The Investors Business Daily said that “Now that Harry Reid has told the Islamofascists that victory is theirs if they can just keep blowing up U.S. soldiers and Iraqi citizens a little while longer. In aiding and comforting the enemy in wartime, Reid has betryed the office he holds, shamed the Nevadans he represents and made the Democratic Party he leads synonymous with surrender. There is one way he can repair the damage he has done to the nation; step down.”

“If the war in Iraq is such an unnecessay and futile expenditure of blood and treasure as Pelosi [and Reid] have been saying, why not put and end to it?”, asks Thomas Sowell. “But to do that,” says Sowell, “would mean taking responsibility for the consequences – and those consequences would be disasterous and lasting. They would probably still be lasting when the 2008 elections come around. The Democrats can not risk that.”

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