Mizz Hillary Gonna’ Clean Up

“We have to reform our government. The abuses that have gone on in the last six years — I don’t think we know the half of it yet. You know, when I walk into the Oval Office in January of 2009, I’m afraid I’m gonna lift up the rug and I’m going to see so much stuff under there. You know… what is it about us always having to clean up after people? . . . But this is not just going to be picking up socks off the floor. This is going to be cleaning up the government.”

Last week Sen. Hillary Clinton, once again affecting a phony, disingenuous, southern drawl to speak before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, pandered to an audience of of black voters using “the imagery of housecleaning to swipe at President Bush.”

If Hillary somehow manages to walk into the Oval Office in January 2009, and lifts up the rug, the only thing she is likely to find is a pair of Monica’s panties, a soggy cigar, and a couple of Hubby Bill’s discarded condoms.

When I first heard this little excerpt from Hillary’s speech, three things caught my attention. The first was “lifting up the rug” in the Oval Office. The picture of Bubba sitting in the Oval Office with Monica on her knees under the desk would not, I think, under normal circumstances, bring one to suggest checking under the same rug Monica used to check out Bill.

Second was Hillary’s remark, “what is it about us always having to clean up after people?” I’m curious by what Hillary meant by that. Was that a reference to women always having to pick up after men? Or worse yet, was it a pathetic attempt to ingratiate herself to the crowd with the stereotype reference of blacks as house maids and janitors?

Lastly, having “growed up” in the South and speaking the language, I take a certain amount of pride along with my fellow Southerners in the drawl and economy of words we use to express ourselves. Listening to a Yale and Wellesley graduate who was born and raised in Chicago trying to talk like a Georgia cracker was embarassing at the least and condescending at best.

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