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Paul Krugman’s Fear of Eating

New York Time columnist Paul Krugman went out on a limb and ate a salad the other day. The former Enron adviser said, “These are anxious days at the lunch table. For all you know, there may be E. coli … Continue reading

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The Hostility of the Left

The day after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, the Left’s favorite Hollywood screenwriter and crockumentarian, Michael Moore, commented on the atrocity and said, “Many families have been devastated … Continue reading

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“Bush…NOT Worst President in History,” Carter now says

Former President Jimmy Carter said today his remarks were, “careless or misinterpreted” when he said the Bush administration has been the “worst in history” for it’s impact around the world. Backpedaling on NBC’s “Today”, Carter retreated and tried to explain … Continue reading

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“Bush…Worst President in History,” says Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter, a man whose dismal failure as president is exceeded only by his utter incompetence as a former president, has once again disparaged President Bush in interviews with the BBC and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “I think as … Continue reading

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Congress Approval Rating Lower Than Bush

After the November 2007 congressional election that swept the Democrats into control of both the Senate and House, the new Democratic Congress had an approval rating of 37%. By last month that approval rating had dropped to 33%.  A Gallup poll … Continue reading

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Democrats Day of Defeat Denied

Democrats desperate to surrender to al-Qaeda in Iraq suffered a stinging and warranted defeat today when the Senate by an overwhelming majority rejected their measure to “honor our troops” by cutting off military funding by March 31, 2008. The 67-29 … Continue reading

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Americans don’t know jack about politics

“Huge numbers of Americans don’t know jack about their government or politics”, writes L.A. Times columnist Jonah Goldberg. “According to a Pew Research Center survey released last week, 31 percent of Americans don’t know who the vice president is, fewer … Continue reading

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