Reid, Pelosi & Co Demand U.S. Surrender

Last week, Reid, Pelosi & Company sent a bill to the White House demanding that President Bush surrender in Iraq no later than October 1, 2007. The president will veto the bill, as he should. The Constitution of the United States clearly and unambiguously states that the president shall be the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States. Regardless of what Hang-it-up Harry says, it does not authorize Congress to micro-manage war or dictate the prosecution of that war.

Interestingly, the founding fathers never addressed the question of which branch of government was authorized to surrender in wartime. One would assume it never occurred to Jefferson and Madison the specter of American surrender in war would ever arise.

If Harry Reid and the Defeatocrats want to take the position that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a mistake, they have that right. But if they take that position, they should at least be forced to admit they believe that torture, genocide, mass murder, systematic rape, and the murderous chemical gassing of tens of thousands of Kurds and Shiites is preferable to the sectarian in-fighting and terrorism present in Iraq today.

If Harry Reid wants to demand that the United States surrender because the aftermath in Iraq is worse than under Saddam Hussein, so be it. But then Harry Reid needs to defend Iraq under Saddam Hussein as being preferable.

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