Winning in Iraq – “A Real Big Problem”

House Majority Whip James Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat, said Monday that if the progress report on Iraq due this September from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker is generally positive, as appears of late to be the case, “that would be a real big problem for us.”

Are the Democrats so mired in their hatred for George Bush that winning the war in Iraq is a “big problem?” That their abhorrent, self-centered political ambitions and irrational loathing of Bush supersedes the vital interest of America winning the war in Iraq and radical Islamism is beyond belief and borders on sedition.

To paraphrase Mark Steyn, the Democrats who raise the white flag of surrender and believe that a failure in Iraq and the War on Terror in general will diminish George Bush and the so-called neo-cons, is to believe in the tooth fairy. The reality of the matter is that it will diminish all of us; this nation and all that we stand for.”

Like Goethe said, “Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.”

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3 Responses to Winning in Iraq – “A Real Big Problem”

  1. smrtas1 says:

    Yes, it seems that their lust for power leads them to be willing to destroy our country. Can you imagine that a U.S. congressman would look at positive military success as a bad thing?

  2. mullah cimoc says:

    mullah cimoc say usa and the usa govt not having the good record for tell iraq war truth.

    for this not believe unless concreting proof. now story so suspicious. to organize for come from every control media source in usa.

    remember, no such thing as left press or the right press in usa, all him corporate media-cooperate with start war never to ask questioning.

    This the logical: usa govt and media lying about nearly everything aspect of iraq war. when multiple media source simultaneous story this showing the organize media control. everywhere in usa now control media say: usa win now, usa win now. Mullah cimoc think this the propaganda technical use for control usa people.

    what him guerilla fighter do historical when “surge” coming, for example chinese guerillas army mao tse tung against japonese occupier. A: him guerilla go swim in ocean, then occupier army use all energy to run to and fro and then the exhaustion, and so hot and then stagger, finally barracuda coming.

    usa people needing the kindness, not the cruel and the torture. not to beleive usa control media so lying and wicked.

  3. liberalgirl says:

    Well considering the generals boss is George W Bush I would have expected nothing less than a positive report. He has always surrounded himself with yesmen and yeswomen(Condi Rice). We need to look no further than the attorney generals office for proof of this.

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