Whose Bridge Collapsed in Minneapolis?

Contrary to the political spin put out by the Democratic Party and the preponderance of “letters to the editor” to the nation’s newspapers written by idiots who believe nothing bad in the world happens that can’t be laid at the doorstep of President Bush , the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed last week was not George Bush’s bridge.

Not only was it not Bush’s bridge, it was not the federal government’s bridge. The bridge was built and owned by the city of Minneapolis. It was maintained by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. If the bridge was substandard and faulty, go talk to the Mayor of Minneapolis and the Governor of Minnesota. They financed it, they built it, and they maintained it.

The “Blame Bush” crowd complains that Bush wastes billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid and forign wars to build the infrastructure of those countries while our own infrastructure and bridges are falling down.

Since the bridge was built and owned by the city of Minneapolis and not by George Bush and the federal government, then why is Minneapolis wasting $500 million dollars on a new baseball stadium instead of maintaining their bridges?

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