Some Random Thoughts

Republicans look at the military and see men and women in uniform honorably serving their country. Democrats look at the military and see “children.” The infantilization of the military by both the media and the Democrats is insulting to the brave men and women willing to serve and fight for not only our own freedoms, but so that others may have them also.

If Al Gore had not invented global warming would anyone remember who he was?

Whenever someone suggests we need government run health care, tell them to go stand in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles or the U.S. Post Office. Then then come talk about it.

Michael Moore is wrong. We don’t have to look to Canada, Cuba, France, or Great Britain to see the benefits of government run health care. We just have to look at our own V.A. Hospitals.

We are fighting an enemy that can not be appeased; if that were possible the French would already have done it.

One could arguably make the case that our failure to launch pre-emptive attacks against other countries ostensibly led to 9/11.

The bumper sticker on the Toyota Prius in front of me read, “Imagine World Peace.” The last person to “imagine” world peace also imagined there was no heaven, no hell, no countries, and no religion. He was shot dead in front of his wife by someone who imagined otherwise. Reality always trumps make-believe.

War is not the Answer,” says the anti-war Left. To the contrary, and more often than not, war is the only answer. Throughout history, neither diplomacy nor appeasement has ever worked. If not for war, these antiwar protestors would merely be disaffected colonials protesting the excesses of the British Crown and Queen Elizabeth.

Democrats say they want to fight al-Qaeda and terrorism. They just don’t want to fight al-Qaeda and terrorism in Iraq.

The hubris of Global Warming fanatics is beyond belief. That somehow they could decide exactly what the Earth’s temperature should be and then somehow bring that temperature about, boggles the mind.

If instead of global warming we had global cooling, would Al Gore and his disciples be advocating the building of more power plants, refineries, and SUVs to warm the earth?

Democrats want to surrender Iraq and bring the troops home. Nancy Pelosi says we need to fight the “real war” on terrorism. Is the “real war” on terrorism to be fought from the barracks at Fort Bragg?

When the Left says they “support the Troops”, that doesn’t mean they support the troops mission in Iraq or their goal of victory. The Left’s support of the troops is pretending to feel sorry for them.

The biggest untold story since 9/11 is there has’t been another 9/11. Just don’t look for the Bush administration to receive any credit. 

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair may have said it best. Blair said that to him, 9/11 was a wake-up call. The problem is, he said, a lot of the world world woke up for a short time, then turned over and went back to sleep.

It is amusing to see so many Democratic presidential candidates campaigning against George Bush. Let’s hope they don’t learn too soon that President Bush has no plans to run for re-election in 2008

Last week, hundreds of people layed down naked on an ice glacier to bring about an increasing awareness of global warming. After that little stunt, the only thing I became increasingly aware of is that winnowing the gene pool may have some merit after all.

Sports builds character it is said. Michael Medved says sports doesn’t build character – it reveals character. Looking at O.J. and Michael Vick, I would have to agree.

If Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and MacArthur had paid heed to the Pelosis and Reids of then, we should now be speaking German and marching to the tune of “Horst Wessel” or averting our eyes and bowing down before the Japanese Emperor.

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