Manilow “Writes The Songs” But Can’t Face The Music

Pop singer Barry Manilow. refusing to make a guest appearance on the The View, said, “I strongly disagree with [Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s conservative] views. I think she’s dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her.” Whether Mr. Manilow finds those conservative fans who attend his concerts and buy his albums also dangerous and offensive, he did not say.   

With the exception of the intelligent and beautiful Elizabeth Hasselbeck, The View could pass for the Democratic National Committee. Inherent in Manilow’s refusal to face Hasselbeck is the same problem so many other liberals and Democrats are afflicted with – the inability to articulate a cognent and coherent argument against a conservative viewpoint. Manilow may also have felt the odds of 5 liberals against 1 conservative to be an unfair disadvantage.

Barry Manilow is not alone in his fear of facing a conservative’s questioning. Every single leading Democratic presidential candidate backed out of a Fox hosted debate in Utah; fearful of what moderator Britt Hume might ask and question.


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