Q. How does a Clinton spell “Chinese?” A. $$$$$$$$

Talk about déjà vu.  Pressed by questions about a scandal tarred fundraiser, a candidate named Clinton decides to return hundreds of thousands of dollars. The politician’s operation promises to conduct criminal background checks on big fundraisers in the future. And it leaks its decisions at night, after a busy day, in hopes of burying the news and minimizing the damage.”

That particular Clinton was of course the former president, Bill Clinton, and the the tainted money came from such “honorable” folks like John Huang, Charlie Trie, and Johnny Chung.

Now comes Hillary Clinton, who last week  returned over $860,000 in campaign contributions from Chinese con man Norman Hsu. After learning of a Los Angeles Times report that the FBI was investigating Hsu, who has been a fugitive from justice for the past 15 years, Clinton personally ordered her campaign to return all the money he had raised.

Hillary now leads her fellow Democratic candidates in giving back more campaign contributions than the total campaign contributions raised by Kucinich, Gravel, Dodd, and Richardson combined.

“Few American political families in modern times have proved as adept at raising money – or as practiced in the art of giving it back if it comes with too much baggage.” Or maybe it’s just that the Chinese Cash Cow doesn’t fall far from one Clinton to the other.

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