40 Million Americans Without Health Care

Forty million Americans. That’s the number of people in America who do not have health care as brandished about by the Democratic presidential front-runners in their quest to socialize our health care system. The number is, of course, totally false.

Every single person in the United States has access to health care at any time. Whether your name is Juan and you swam across the Rio Grande last night or your name is Poopsie and your family came across in the Mayflower, you can check into the nearest hospital and receive treatment.

There might be, however, be forty million of us without health insurance…at any given time. There are lots of reasons why one may not have health insurance. You could be in between jobs or just started a new job and insurance doesn’t kick in until next month. Maybe you’re young and healthy and choose not to purchase health insurance. Maybe you’re rich and can afford to self-pay so you don’t carry health insurance. We could go on and on as to why someone – at any particular given time – may, or may not, have health insurance.

What’s so interesting about that forty million number is that the Californians for Population Stabilization just released a report claiming there are 20 million to 38 million illegal immigrants in America; not the 12 million the federal government says.

Assuming illegal immigrants do not carry health insurance as a general rule, then using the lower figure of 20 million illegal immigrants, only 20 million American citizens then do not have health insurance. On the other hand, if we use the higher number, then for all intents and purposes Americans are virtually 100% covered.

This example is silly of course, but not much sillier than the forty million flourished about by advocates of universal health care and socialized medicine. Liberals use this number the same way they use the number of people in stuck in poverty – as if that too was a static number. The fact that differences in income are mostly explained by people’s differences in age, skills, discipline, drive, ambition, and productivity is never mentioned. Today’s poor are tomorrow’s middle class, and the day that’s high-income earners.

Liberals do not understand high income earners. Former Democratic House Speaker Dick Gephardt whined that high-income earners are “winners” in the lottery of life. Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor calls high-income earners the “fortunate fifth.”

The high-income earners themselves say, “We worked our butts off to get here.”

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