Hillary “Misunderestimates” Iowa Voter Intelligence

At a campaign stop in Iowa, Hillary Clinton got into a verbal spat with an Iowa voter who questioned her on her recent vote to call Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

Randall Rolph, a registered Democrat, asked Hillary why he should support her candidacy when she did not appear to have leaned any lessons from having voted to authorize force in Iraq.

Hillary first thanked him, then instead of cackling with laughter as she usually does when asked a difficult question, she accused him of having been fed the information, saying, “obviously somebody sent [it] to you.”

Rolph snapped right back. “I take exception. This is my own research.”

“Well then, let me finish telling you…” Clinton screeched in that high-pitched voice of hers.

“Nobody sent that, and I am offended you would say that,” Rolph countered right back.

Realizing her blunder, Hillary backed off and apologized to Mr. Rolph. In her usual patronizing manner, Hillary said she respected his research but there were two versions of the bill and she had opposed the earlier version that had harsher language.

“I voted against the resolution before I voted for it,” said Hillary. No, she didn’t say that. I made that part up.

Following the verbal altercation, Mr. Rolph fumed, “It was an insult. It was basically calling me stupid. That I can’t think on my own. That I don’t have the ability to research or come up with a coherent or concrete thought on my own. How dare she!”

Liberals like Hillary Clinton are always astounded to learn that Americans who live in the fly-over country between New York and California are not as stupid as liberals believe they are. It apparently amazed Hillary Clinton that Mr. Rolph knew her voting record. So astonished was Hillary, that she accused him of being a “plant.”

Rolph said he would not be supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

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