Losing Presidential Election, Al Gore “Unites” America

Sometimes you don’t have to read the comics section in your local newspaper to get a laugh. Sometimes you just have to read the New York Times.

For instance, take the October 14th Thomas Friedman column, “Who Will Succeed Al Gore“. That’s Freidman’s Sunday column with all the sappy accolades to Al Gore for winning the Nobel Peace Prize; a prize which obviously has nothing  to do with “peace” and everything to do with “politics.”

With a straight face, Freidman writes “Gore lost the presidency, but in the dignity and grace with which he gave up his legal fight, he united America.”

Al Gore “united America?” Give me a break! The only event that has truly united America since December 7, 1941 was September 11, 2001…and I’m pretty sure Al Gore was still sitting around in a funk, “faced with what to do with the rest of his life,” as Freidman puts it.

Al Gore “gave up his legal fight!?” He didn’t give up, Tom. He took it all the way to the Supreme Court! To this day, half of Gore’s “united America” still refers to President Bush as the “selected”, not elected, president.

I understand liberal-speak as much as the next right thinking person but what I don’t understand is the contempt for the intelligence of the average American held by liberals. Friedman is a reasonably intelligent fellow although quite misguided. His positions are generally well articulated though not necessarily correct. If he wants to slobber all over Al Gore, who Freidman believes is only the second man in history to walk on water, that’s fine by me. I don’t care.

This time, however, between Tom and me, one of us is sorely lacking in historical perspective.

Ann Coulter said it best. “For liberals, history begins this morning.”

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