Bush Seeks $45.9 Billion for War

President Bush sent Congress a $45.9 billion emergency funding request yesterday for expenses related to current U.S. military campaigns.

Addressing the obvious, the Los Angeles Times reports this funding request is certain to further inflame tensions between the president and the MoveOn.org Democratic Party. Ahh…those tensions will get you every time! For those of us unaware of what is going on in politics, the Times tells its readers that Bush and the Democrats are locked in a debate over federal spending as well as the war in Iraq, and I guess have been for some time.

“Demanding nearly $200 billion for Iraq while vetoing health care for 10 million children exemplifies the Bush administration’s misplaced priorities,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday, referring to the president’s objection to expanding by $35 billion the SCHIP program.

I’m not what you call a constitutional scholar, Senator, but even I can tell the difference between a military funding request and a government hand-out.

President Bush is Commander in Chief of the military and funding for the military is spelled out in the constitution. The SCHP program is not.

I can’t ignore Pelosi’s comment that “Bush vetoed health care for 10 million children.” No, he didn’t veto their health care. They still have it. What he vetoed was the added expense to the American tax payer to foot another Democratic proposal to expand government-paid heath care.

It is interesting to note that according to the Washington Post, 90% of the children who qualify under the current SCHIP program are not enrolled. And yet the Democrats say we need to expand it.

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