Sammy bin Laden Ain’t Happy

Al-Jazeera, Osama bin Laden’s favored news outlet next to CNN, reports receiving another audiotape from its favored celebrity, the third such tape in the last month and a half.

In this newest tape, bin Laden scolds his al-Qaeda followers for “failing to overcome fanatical tribal loyalties and unite in the fight against U.S. troops.” In the tape, he used the word, “ta assub” – fanaticism – to chastise fellow insurgents for placing their allegiance to tribe and family above the larger fight of killing Americans and infidels.

“My mujahedeen brothers in Iraq, you are a people worthy of praise and flattery. You’ve done well to carry out a glorious duty by fighting the enemy. But some of you have lagged behind in carrying out another glorious duty, which is to unite as one – as God wants,” said bin Laden.

Some of those laggards are now dead thanks to General Petraeus and his troops.

The bearded cave-dwelling terrorist said “Everybody can make a mistake, but the best are those who can admit their mistake.” Like himself? “Mistakes have been made during holy wars but mujahedeen have to correct their mistakes.

General Petraeus and his troops “help” a lot of them by correcting their mistakes, too.

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