Chris Matthews Defines Victory in Iraq

The loud-mouth host of MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews; whose acumen and intellect is rivaled only by garden tools, was interviewing David Ignatius of the Washington Post last week when talk turned to the war in Iraq.

Matthews, in another flash of brilliance, said, “…But my definition of a defeat is you can‘t leave. If we can‘t leave that country in the foreseeable future, we are losing. The purpose of the American Army is to get home and be ready to defend this country against possible threats to this country.

As long as we‘re stuck over there, it seems we‘re losing.”

By that kind of logic, we are still losing World War II to Germany and Japan – not to mention Italy. Sixty-two years after the “supposed” end of WW II, we still have American soldiers in Germany, Japan, and Italy. When will we ever win!?

The same logic tells me that apparently the only war the United States has won since the beginning of the 20th century was in Vietnam. We pulled our troops out in 1975. According to Matthews’s way of thinking, the U.S. narrowly evacuating its last troops in Vietnam from the rooftop of the US Embassy as North Vietnamese Army tanks rumbled down Le Duan Street was a stunning US victory.

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