Chicago, USA – Another U.N. Refugee Camp?

Michelle Obama’s view of Chicago sounds a lot like a disease-ridden, third-world festering slum. No wonder she wants to move to Washington, DC. Last Friday at an Obama rally in North Carolina, Michele Obama had these words to say: 

“Well, what did Barack do? He became a community organizer working in some of the toughest neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago, worked for years in neighborhoods where people had a reason to give up hope, because their jobs had been lost, steel mills shut down, living in brown fields left by those closed steel plants, unsafe streets, schools deteriorating, grandparents raising grandkids. Barack spent years working with churches, busing single mothers down to City Hall to help them find their voice, building the kind of operations on the ground, just like he’s doing in this race, block by block, person by person. Now you tell me whether there’s anybody in this race who can claim to have made the same choice with their lives. You tell me. But I think that Barack Obama is the only person that can claim that kind of choice…so trust me, we’ve seen it all. Barack has seen it all.”

Mark Steyn says Chicago doesn’t sound like part of America. He suggests we need to fly in some U.N. Relief Agency. Maybe they should pull out of Burma and fly into these derelict parts of Chicago.




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