Paris Hilton – Energy Czar

The Barack Obama Energy Plan – Properly inflate your automobile’s tires. Allow drilling for oil in only those areas that have no oil. Says drilling for more new oil will not lower gas prices but tapping into the nation’s Strategic Reserve will.

The John McCain Energy Plan – Mail tire pressure gauges to all Americans. Establish Carbon Cap and Trade system, thereby creating new unmanageable government bureaucracy. Says no oil drilling in ANWR or the Grand Canyon.

The Nancy Pelosi Energy Plan – Sue OPEC for not drilling for more oil in their country. Sue oil futures traders for not risking their capital on the speculation that the price of a barrel of sweet crude will be cheaper in the future.  

The Harry Reid Energy Plan – “Coal makes us sick, oil makes us sick; it’s ruining our country…” Harry has no energy plan unless you count the horse and buggy.

The T. Boone Pickens Energy Plan – Attach a windmill to your car.

The Al Gore Energy Plan – Attach a solar panel to your car.

The Paris Hilton Energy Plan – A hybrid energy policy of what is achievable today balanced with what we may achieve tomorrow. Begin new offshore oil exploration and drilling with environmental oversight. Provide tax incentives to automobile manufacturers to encourage development of hybrid and electric cars. Offshore drilling will provide the gas we need until the new technologies are available and cost effective. 

Maybe President Hillary Clinton should appoint Paris Hilton as Energy Czar.

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