McCain accused of transmogrification

Last night on MSNBC’s Countdown, Edward R. Murrow wanna-be Keith Olbermann accused Senator John McCain of being a transmogrifier. I’ve been following the career of McCain for at least 20 years and I have yet to see him wearing a wig and a dress. Does Cindy McCain know John practices transmogrification? I wonder if she’s ever seen him transmogrify.

I bring this up only because I think accusing someone of transmogrification is a scurrilous charge.

Actually, like everyone else who doesn’t comb the dictionary and thesaurus for six syllable words with eighteen letters in an attempt to impress, I had to look the tongue-twisting word up in my Webster’s. Transmogrification means to change in a grotesque manner. In other words, when John McCain changes a formerly held political position, it is grotesque. On the other hand, when Barack Obama changes position, he’s just redefining his original position.

You’re probably asking yourself… what’s a seemingly smart guy like David Jon doing watching the Keith Olbermann show? For the same reason most other people watch it and Chris Matthews as well. Comedy. After a hard days work, I like to come home, kick back, and relax with a few laughs and jokes.

Poor Olbermann. I wonder if he has any idea that most of his meager television audience is made up of people just like me – people who tune in for a few laughs before switching over to Homer Simpson for serious news analysis.

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