More “Republican outrage” discovered

Mark Steyn on the Corner has just received from one of his readers further evidence of “Republican outrage.”

Media Bubble, Oct. 8 — John McCain’s bid for the Oval Office suffered another stunning blow yesterday when the Arizona senator referred to Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, as “my opponent.” The campaign-shattering remark came during a vicious, Hitlerian speech before an audience of drooling right-wing drones in one of those states in the middle, possibly rectangular.

“I believe that we should do things one way,” McSame sneered, his shrunken, twisted body and hideous visage producing overwhelming revulsion in all sane people who beheld him. “But my opponent feels we should do things a different way.”

Steyn says “Jim Treacher notes he posted the above some days before the excitable Frank Rich started going on about “Weimar-like rage” and Paul Krugman warned of the Republicans’ “insane rage” and the Head of Obstetrics over at The Atlantic Monthly took his head out of Governor Palin’s birth canal long enough to apply his forensic skills to “the Hannity-Limbaugh-Steyn*-O’Reilly base” “stoking” and “fomenting” the rage in order to bring on the assassination of Obama.”

“Hard to satirize the lovestruck Obamaboppers of the media, but certainly pre-emptive parody is a rare gift.”

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