Ignorance in the Voting Booth

A friend from my home town just sent me a link to a letter to the editor of the Ada Evening News written by Paul D. Young of Pontotoc County. It is one of the most well-written and succinct articles I’ve see on this year’s  presidential campaign. A hat-tip to Mr. Young.

“Dear Editor,

An OpEd piece appearing in a recent edition of the AEN titled “Ignorance in the inbox” made the point that lies are commonplace on the Internet. Winston Churchill once said that a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has time to put its pants on and that was before the Internet was invented. Nevertheless there is considerable truth available on the Internet if you take the time to seek it out. Regarding the upcoming election on Nov. 4, I maintain there will be “Ignorance in the voting booth” despite all the information available. Never before in our history have such enormous sums of money been expended to spin lies and half truths to convince the gullible. And never before has such a large segment of our news media swooned over a presidential candidate, namely Barack Hussein Obama, who I’ll refer to hereafter as BHO. While he’s attractive, charismatic and well educated, BHO’s worldview is light years removed from what a majority of Americans hold fast to. He is considered to be the most liberal Senator ever, i.e. a socialist who advocates bigger government and more say in controlling our lives which can only work to the detriment of individual liberty.

Hardly a day passes without another accusation that the race card is being played by the opposition which usually requires torturing the language to such an extent as to make it incomprehensible. Were it not for the fact that BHO and his allies quitely played the race card from day one I am convinced he would not be in contention for president of the United States today. Were it not for the fact that his skin pigmentation and genetic code are half black (forget the other half is white) I believe he would have been dismissed by the DNC long ago. Do you seriously think a caucasian with his negatives would have lasted this long which begs the question – Who do you think is playing the race card in this election?

Now consider if you will the following crowd with whom BHO has mingled on his way up the political ladder: Unrepentent domestic terrorists from the former Weather Underground, William Ayers and Bernadette Dorn; the America hating, race bating and virulent anti-semitic Chicago church pastor, Jeremiah Wright; the corrupt Chicago politico and convicted felon, Tony Rezko; Mr hate America and black American Muslim leader, Louis Farakan; the ACORN organization which now stands accused of massive voter registration fraud; the Royal Saudi family for their alleged funding of BHO’s Harvard Law School education. You can rest assured that had either Senator McCain or Governor Palin engaged in any of these associations neither would still be in this race today. While its considered politically incorrect to broach the subject, we musn’t disregard BHO’s Muslim connections which could jeopardize our national security in the future if he is elected.

Not one Islamic organization worldwide has repudiated or threatened BHO even though he was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity according to his profession of faith. Islamic or Shariah Law regards this an apostasy deserving of death for the apostate to include immediate family members. Such a law was codified recently in Iran which excuses anyone killing an apostate. The middle east terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah have gone on record stating their support for BHO and their hope that he will be elected. Now it turns out that the Obama-Biden campaign has reportedly padded their coffers with contributions from “mystery” donors that don’t exist in addition to many who contributed via the Internet from an unnamed foreign source with no passport or social security number provided for verification as required by law. Contributions by foreigners to candidates for election in the U.S. are illegal but don’t hold your breath waiting for the FEC to take punitive action. It will take them years to sort it all out while the audit trail grows cold. If anything, this election has shown that Campaign Finance Reform co-authored by John McCain is of little if any value.

The publisher of the AEN commented in a recent editorial that he was having difficulty saying the words “President Obama” but was beginning to practice to ease the transition when and if it becomes necessary. While those words may be difficult for some imagine for a moment referring to the Secretary of State or Defense as Obama fundraiser Jodie Evans. Evans is one of the co-founders of the marxist organization, Code Pink, which traveled to Iraq and gave over $600,000 to the families of terrorists who killed Americans. These pinkos have made it their practice to rail against and obstruct Marine Corps recruiting offices around the country and publicly disturb graveside burial services for veterans killed in the war on terrorism. Needless to say this treasonous abuse of the First Amendment should be treated accordingly but again don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Much more could be said with respect to the paramount social and economic issues facing us in this election. The distractions generated by the recent meltdown on Wall Street and the $700B bailout plan for the financial markets is having the effect of subverting an exposition of the truth pertaining to BHO. Nevertheless, considerable effort has been put forth to ensure the public will not be ”Ignorant in the voting booth” with respect to the McCain-Palin candidacy. An army of investigative reporters and lawyers have combed the records and history of these two candidates, particularly for Palin, while nothing of the sort has been done with respect to BHO. On the contrary, the objective has been to ignore or cover up anything hinting of negativeness toward BHO. SNL treated BHO with kid gloves while Sarah Palin was mocked in a skit designed to denigrate her. Gov Palin was subjected to a 5 day grueling interview with CBS’s Katie Couric that subsequently allowed for creative editing confirming that the Dan Rather legacy of liberal bias at CBS news lives on.

Paranoid reflex answers to pollsters born out of fear of being labeled politically incorrect or bigoted have allegedly caused some people to falsely respond to telephone polls. Bear in mind that polls had Al Gore ahead by 11 points going into election day 2000 with the claim that the election was over before it began. Wannabe President John Kerry has likewise informed us that election 2008 is over with BHO the projected winner. In any case I believe there will be considerable ignorance in the voting booth, regarding Barack Hussein Obama come Tuesday, November 4, 2008. It remains to be seen if that ignorance will translate into his becoming the 44th president of the United States and what that will mean for us and our posterity.”

Paul D. Young

Pontotoc County

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