Gun Sales up 10% Nationwide on Obama Fears

Newspapers and television networks across the nation are all reporting a spike in gun sales. Gun dealers are reporting sales are up by at least 10%.

CBS News in their report tried to make a lame attempt that a portion of the increase in gun sale sales is due to concerns about the economy. That dog don’t hunt. CBS does get it right in the end. The increase in gun sales is driven by fears that if Barack Obama is elected president, he will join with fellow Democrats in Congress to enact new gun controls. CBS should just be frank and honest and say that if Obama is elected with a Harry Reid run Senate and a Nancy Pelosi run House, the 2nd Amendment is in peril of being repealed.

CBS said that more than three dozen interviews with gun dealers and buyers in Virginia and Maryland and with experts nationwide indicated that the increase in gun sales appears to be driven predominantly by concerns about the presidential election. 

“I think right now people are scared Obama is going to take their rights away,” said Margaret Marcus, who was carrying a Glock 19 9mm semiautomatic pistol under a blue jean jacket embroidered with “Winnie the Pooh” characters. “He’s definitely anti-gun, despite what you see in the mainstream media.”

The Pittsburgh Leader Times reports that a number of gun owners apparently agree with the National Rifle Association’s position: Barack Obama is “…the most anti-gun presidential candidate in American history.” With that thought in mind, many gun owners are “stocking up” on guns and ammo in anticipation of gun bans should Obama win the presidential election next Tuesday.

Harvey Wingard of Harvey Wingard Guns said that many people expressed their willingness to hide guns in the event of a nationwide registration or confiscation program. He said many people he knows believe that a gun confiscation program is in the offing if the Democrats win.

During his first run for the Illinois Senate in 1996, Mr. Obama said on a candidate questionnaire that he supported legislation to “ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.”

Last month at a political event in Duryea, PA., a woman in the crowd told Obama she had “heard a rumor” that he might be planning some sort of gun ban if elected president.

“If you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it,’’ Obama said. But the Illinois senator could still see skeptics in the crowd, particularly on the faces of several men at the back of the room.

So he tried again. “Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress,’’ he said.

With the Democratic Party on the cusp to a filibuster-proof 60 seat majority in the Senate in this election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi projecting an additional 20 to 30 House seats to Democrats, what do you think the odds are now of keeping your guns?

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