Step Two – Control the News

Last week the Obama campaign shut out Orlando, Florida television station WFTV-Channel 9 from further interviews because they “didn’t like” the questions posed to Joe Biden. The Obama campaign said “This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely at best…”

Today the Obama campaign has decided to heave out three large metropolitan newspapers from its plane for the final few days of the campaign because…because all three newspapers endorsed John McCain for president.

The New York Post, the Washington Times and the Dallas Morning News have been told to move out by Sunday to make room for network bigwigs, also know as drooling media clowns in the business of electing Barack Obama.

The reporters for the three newspapers are already planning how to cover the final days by flying comercial airlines or driving from event to event.

Welcome to Mr. Obama’s world.

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One Response to Step Two – Control the News

  1. sfokc6125 says:

    Obama is nothing but a welfare worker .I fact the money will never go to the less than better off. It will just go to a slush fund that they will put in the hands of his bully buddys Acorn. There is no way to do what he wants. We as Americans give and run so many places that use donations. We have groups that do good work and This man is only out to control the country . We have a system the is a set check and balance . We dont need Big Brother doing it for us. The democrats have had the house for 2 years that is when the bottom started to fall out. He has too many unanswered questions for me. I do know you dont raise taxes when you have a weak dollar. You cut both taxes and spending. This will give you the buying power so goods are bought so the retailer pays taxes the wholesalers pays taxes the both make more money and hire more so it grows the economy. So think is it better to raise or lower. I was taught you work hard you save you grow. There are no free rides and the US Gov is not a cash cow.

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