Obama wants John Kerry as Secretary of State

The Boston Herald is reporting today that Sen. John F. Kerry “is broadly seen as Obama’s top choice for Secretary of State.” That alone should be reason enough not to vote for Obama today.

John F. Kerry’s Senate record is undistinguished… and where it stands out… mainly regrettable.

He got the Cold War wrong. He got the Gulf War wrong. He got Nicaragua wrong. He got Haiti wrong. He got Grenada wrong. He got the surge in Iraq wrong. And Obama wants this guy who looks like he was born to be a mortician as Secretary of State?

What can we say of Senator Kerry? He was for the war and then he was against the war. He was for it, but he wouldn’t fund it. Then he’d fund it, but he wasn’t for it. He was for the Patriot Act until he was against the Patriot Act. Or was he against it until he was for it? I forget. He probably does, too.

This is a guy who has to Google his own name to find out where he stands.

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One Response to Obama wants John Kerry as Secretary of State

  1. mawc says:

    This is all nonsense. First, no one knows anything and if it does turn out to be true, Senator Kerry would make a fine SOS. You argument against the man does not hold water. First you attack his appearance- like that is extremely important. Oh, and by the way, others seem to not share you opinion of the Senator’s appearance. Second, you comments on his voting record are shallow at best and do not take into account the complicated process that lead up to these votes. For instance, Kerry never was for the Iraq War. He said so in his deposition before Congress and it is in the records to read. He cautiously gave his concent to allow our President to use his power and his best judgement in order to protect this country. He warned about not rushing in, about not having our alies behind us about the consequences of rushing to war. He has been right on the mark about what has transpired in Iraq and you can not say simply because we sent more troops that all is fine in Iraq. Our troops did and continue to do a wonderful job, however it is with the help of Bathist tribal leaders that we have been able to get a hold on the volience and lower the rate of attacks. Still, there is not government consneseus in place regarding major policy differences between the three groups in Iraq. Our enemy has regrouped and is now stronger than ever in other places outside of Iraq-such as Afghanistand Pakistan. Kerry warned us about the cost of not assisting Afgahistan, but instead Bush virtually ignored that and threw all his resourses into Iraq. Pakistan has long been the hiding place of Bin Laden yet, as Kerry said in 2004, we allowed him to escape by pulling out our troops to soon and ignoring the advice of people who knew they were close to capturing him.
    These are just a few expamples of where Senator Kerry was correct. Frankly, I think he would make a great SOS. I am just not so sure that this is in the cards.

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