Camelot Caroline vies for Clinton Senate Seat

Caroline Kennedy told New York Governor David Paterson last Monday that she’s interested in the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton.

Caroline Kennedy has never run for or been elected to public office. She has never run for or been elected to anything else including the P.T.A. for that matter. No one in New York has any idea how she feels about any of the issues facing New Yorkers or the issues facing the country. The only qualification Caroline Kennedy has that we are aware of is her last name. If her name had been Caroline Kenney instead of Kennedy, she would not be on Governor Paterson’s short list of potential nominees.

Caroline Kennedy does have one other “qualification” however. Last January she and Uncle Teddy endorsed Barack Obama for president against Hillary. Kennedy then campaigned for Obama making speeches throughout the country.

Hillary Clinton will not be happy about this choice but it’s not likely she’ll put up too much of a fuss. Hillary wants to Secretary of State and she has a senate confirmation process to get through. She’ll not want to take the chance of angering the Kennedy clan. 

Caroline Kennedy – the next senator from New York.

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