If you can’t kill the wolf, don’t pull it’s tail

Israeli tank “If you can’t kill the wolf, don’t pull it’s tail,” advised the Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram – a lesson being taught to Hamas this week by Israeli Defense Forces.

Over the past year, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas fired over 3,000 rockets into Israel. And the world stood silent; the occasional nod in a newspaper sidebar the only reference to the incessant and indiscriminate attacks on Israeli citizens.  

Just a few days ago Hamas was mocking Israel for it’s failure to respond to the barrage of of rockets that rained down on communities near the border with Gaza. A leaflet distributed by Hamas boasted that Israel was “hopeless and desperate” in the face of the relentless attacks.

“The enemy is in a state of confusion and doesn’t know what to do … Their fragile cabinet has met in a desperate attempt to stop the rockets while thousands of settlers have found refuge in shelters which, by God’s will, will become their permanent homes.”

Last Saturday night Israel climbed out of their shelters and launched a massive attack on Hamas military installations, security complexes, and the hundreds of tunnels along the border with Egypt used to smuggle in weapons. Waves of Israeli airstrikes destroyed Hamas facilities in a crushing response that killed more than 225. Palestinian officials said most of the dead were security officers for Hamas, including two senior commanders.

As long as it was “only Israel” being bombarded every day by missiles and rockets and it was “only Jews” being killed and maimed, the world’s leaders and newspapers were silent. Within hours of Israel striking back the international community awakened once again to condemn Israel.

Gaza Operation Places Israel at Odds With International Community,” wrote the International Editor for CNS.

Israel Monday was standing virtually isolated in the international community as condemnations rolled in from around the world and across the political and religious spectrum in response to its weekend assault on Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip,” said CNSNews.com.

World rallies around Palestinians amid Gaza offensive,” asserted CNN.

The top U.N. Human Rights official said Israel’s military response to the firing of 3,000 mortars and rockets aimed at Israeli population centers by Palestinian militants is “disproportionate.” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called Israel’s actions “excessive.” French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that Israel is using a “disproportionate use of force.” The Organization of the Islamic Conference declared that Israel was committing a “war crime.”

Hamas_1 A “disproportionate” use of force is a term singularly used to describe Israeli military actions. It applies to no other country’s use of military action. One wonders what the “international community” would define an Israeli “proportionate” use of force. Perhaps if the Israeli Defense Forces had just instead lobbed a few thousand rockets into Gaza killing and maiming hundreds of Palestinians, that would have been be termed a proportionate response.

Military historian and columnist Victor Davis Hanson has some proposals on how the international community might make the action between Israel and Hamas more proportional.

  1. Request that 50% of Israel’s air-to-ground missiles be duds to ensure greater proportionality.
  2. Allow Hamas another 1,000 free rocket launches to see if they can catch up with the body count.
  3. Have Israeli soldiers congregate in border barracks so that Hamas’s random rockets have a better chance of killing military personnel, to ensure it can claim at least a few military targets.
  4. Redefine “holocaust” to refer to deaths of terrorists in numbers under 400 to give greater credence to Hamas’s current claims.
  5. In the interest of fairness, allow Hamas to establish both the date that war is supposed to begin and the date when it must end.
  6. Send Israeli military advisers to Hamas to improve the accuracy of their missiles.
  7. Take down the barriers to return to Hamas a fair chance of getting suicide bombers back inside Israel.

Today marks the 5th day of Israel’s air offensive against Hamas. Israel has rejected – so far – international pressure to suspend its attacks.

“Giving Hamas a respite just to regroup, rearm is a mistake,” Olmert spokesman Mark Regev said. “The pressure on the Hamas military machine must continue.”

Israel has said it wants to sweep Hamas from power in Gaza and is talking about an all-out war on the terrorist group as it destroys the organization’s infrastructure and capability. A deputy to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said,

“The goal of the operation is to topple Hamas. We will stop firing immediately if someone takes the responsibility of this government, anyone but Hamas. We are favorable to any other government to take the place of Hamas.”

“There is no military solution” to the situation in Gaza, said European Union Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana.  Israel might disagree.

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