"Green" takes top honor of words that should be banned in 2009

going-green-746021 Environmental buzzwords are getting the axe this year. "Green" and "going green" received the most nominations as words that should be banned reports Lake Superior University.

This year’s list comes from thousands of nominations received through the university’s website in its 34th annual list of words that should be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness.

The ubiquitous ‘Green‘ and all of its variables, such as ‘going green,’ ‘building green,’ ‘greening,’ ‘green technology,’ ‘green solutions’, ‘green jobs,’ ‘green living,’ ‘green homes,’ and more green, drew the most attention from those who sent in nominations this year.

Green used to be a noun. Now it can be a verb as in, “We need to think about greening our office.

In spite of Global Warming Guru Al Gore’s Hollywood Oscar for “Best Crockumentary Feature” and Nobel Peace Prize, ‘Carbon Footprint’ or ‘Carbon Offsetting’ was close second. 

Other words and terms making the list of words that should be banished are ‘Maverick’, ‘First Dude’, ‘Bailout’ and ‘Wall Street to Main Street.’ The complete list can be found here.

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One Response to "Green" takes top honor of words that should be banned in 2009

  1. Dash says:

    Al Gore has really stepped in it this time. He could have spent the rest of his global warming career collecting money by spreading fear over events that were a centure or at least half century in the future. Oh, but that wasn’t good enough for Big Al. He’s now told the biggest global warming whopper of his alarmist career:


    When I heard this I assumed it was a rumor started by skeptics to make Gore look bad. It wasn’t until I viewed the video that I realized what Gore had done. Gore has started a five year credibility countdown timer ticking and it’s up to all of us to make sure that he is held accountable and proven to be a fraud when his dire prediction aimed at drumming up support doesn’t come close to comming true.

    The mainstream media isn’t going to let this video see the light of day because they, unlike Al, understand the precarious position in which he has placed himself.

    It is therefore up to us to spread the word about Big Al’s prediction. He must be exposed for the fearmongering opportunist that he has become.

    To view the video, please visit the following site and click on the picture of Big Al holding up five fingers.


    While visiting this site, you might want to watch a preview of the film “Not Evil, Just wrong” or watch “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which is found in the video section. Happy Viewing!!!

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