Millions in Stimulus Tax Dollars for Better Vending Machine Food

The Washington Examiner:

First Lady Michelle Obama visited the headquarters of the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington Tuesday. She devoted much of her talk to “the growing threat of obesity, particularly childhood obesity” in the United States, and she touted HHS’s recently-announced plan to spend $373 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on plans to, among other things, improve the healthfulness of foods in vending machines.

The first lady did not discuss how such work might stimulate the economy or speed economic recovery. But she had glowing praise for the stimulus’ role in fighting obesity.

Will someone please explain to me why the Obama administration feels the need to spend $373 million of our tax dollars on improving the healthfulness of vending machine food? Just who the hell buys food out of a vending machine for its nutritional quality?

Since this is an Obama administration plan which supposedly falls under the so-called Stimulus Bill – for which no Republican voted – one must assume there are a lot of obese Democrats waddling up to vending machines for lunch and dinner who require dietary direction.

Obviously the Feds aren’t going to spend $373 million on potato chip-size bags of carrots and celery for the nation’s vending machines, so who gets all the money? Well…let’s see. According to HHS Secretary Sebelius,

“…the $373 million in stimulus money will be the “cornerstone funding” of the Recovery Act Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative. The announcement was an invitation to groups around the country to apply for grants under the program, which will be called Communities Putting Prevention to Work. “Funded projects will emphasize high-impact, broad-reaching policy, environmental, and systems changes in schools (K-12) and communities,” the HHS announcement said.

Well, I sure hope the 2009 version of “Putting Prevention to Work” in the schools works better than the Democrat’s last plan of “Putting Prevention to Work.” That was the plan that involved teaching 9 and 10-year olds how to put condoms on cucumbers, the use of flavored condoms for oral sex, and of course, the immeasurable joys of anal sex.

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