Obama and the Democrat’s "Free" Health Care

Remember that lady in Florida, Peggy Joseph, who was all giggly and bubbly that Barack Obama was going to put gas in her car and pay her mortgage? Like so many others caught up in Obamania, she probably also thought she was going to get free health care.

Silly Peggy…Not only did Obama not pay her mortgage payment and put gas in her car, but under his new health care reform boondoggle, he’s going to demand Peggy purchase a health insurance policy…whether she wants one or not.

And if Peggy doesn’t buy a government-approved health insurance policy, Barack Obama, the man who promised to provide care to the sick, good jobs to the jobless and stop the rise in the oceans, is going to fine her. Penalties for not having insurance would start at $750 a year for individuals and $1,500 for families, and households at more than three times the poverty level — about $66,000 — would face the maximum fines, up to $3,800 a year.

Peggy thought Obama was going to grant her freedom from paying her mortgage, buying gas and give her free health care. Instead, Obama will usurp the very freedom Peggy made when she pulled the lever for Obama – freedom of choice.

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One Response to Obama and the Democrat’s "Free" Health Care

  1. I read that he was to eager do a Eastenders appearence! :O. do you know if this is true? There’s a part of me that kind of hopes this is not true lol.

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