Pelosi to House Dems: Let’s Play “Pretend”

Newt Gingrich got it right in saying last year Democrats were passing bills without reading them. This year, they are trying to pass bills without voting on them.

Pelosi wants to play “Let’s Pretend” the Senate bill has passed. This makes about as much sense as the old “Assume a Can Opener” joke.

Even though House Democrats outnumber Republicans 256 to 178 – a 78 seat margin, there are difficulties. Unable to find enough Democrats to walk the plank and commit political suicide by voting for the Senate version of the trillion dollar a year entitlement boondoggle called “health care reform”, Pelosi & Company are trotting out a nefarious ruse known as a “self-executing rule”, also known as a “hereby rule.” Under this shifty stunt, House Democrats would pretend [deem] the Senate bill was passed and vote only on reconciliation corrections.

As long as we’re going to pretend and “deem” something to have been done, let’s take it a step further. Assuming, and that’s not much assuming, Republicans win back the House in the 2010 mid-term election. Doesn’t it make just as much sense for the Republicans to “deem” the health care bill never passed as it does for Democrats today to “deem” health care has passed? Neither one has an up or down vote as Article 1, Section 7 of the United States Constitution stipulates. I call it the “self-canceling rule.”

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