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  1. John Sharkey says:

    My name is John Sharkey, and I’m a student at the University of Pennsylvania. I am very interested in political issues, and I check your site regularly. While I do not always agree with your positions on issues, I think that your observation and analysis are often insightful.

    I’m writing to you today to ask for some help. A few of my friends and I have launched a website dedicated to the 2008 Presidential Election called behindtheballot.com. Our goal is to give a non-partisan, thoroughly researched and straightforward analysis of the candidates and the pivotal issues of the campaign. If possible, please take a few minutes to browse our site. Additionally, if you can review our site on your blog, it would help us spread the word.

    Thank you for your time and assistance. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    John Sharkey

  2. bibomedia says:


  3. Miss Justice says:

    Though you say “apparently, Obama wants someone who will violate their sworn oath”, it is not so appatent. Empathy and bias have two completely different meanings; thus, are not synonymous.
    A close-minded individual is a mental failure. If a Supreme Court is a close-minded individual who cannot express empathy for the teenage mom or what have you, then his perspective is already skewed against her. Hence, the establishment of bias.
    Lady Justice and the Supreme Court…. What do or don’t they have in common? Lady Justice is blind-folded; a currupt individual dare not be.

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