Wealthy get $7,500 tax credit to buy Government Motors Volt

Obama in Volt Government Motors, formerly known as General Motors, has come up with a nifty way to puff up the sales of their new electric Chevy Volt, not to mention their corporate bottom line.

With a sticker price of $41,000, the government is offering a $7,500 tax credit to purchasers of a Chevy Volt. What a deal! Government Motors will show the full $41,000 sales price on their income statement and book the additional taxpayer handout of $7,500 as profit.

Since the government owns GM – along with the labor unions – why don’t they just sell the Volt for $33,500 and save the taxpayer $7,500 per car?

The $41,000 price tag on the Volt puts it in the same class as luxury cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW. Beemers and Benzes are the cars of choice for the wealthy.

The Democrats standard of “taxes for thee, but not for me” is in full bloom. Thanks to Congress, we Joe Six-Pack, hard-working Americans, still driving our used Chevys and Fords, will now be subsidizing the wealthy to the tune of $7,500 to buy an Obamamobile.

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‘D’ is for Depression – ‘R’ is for Recovery

Unemployment chart Befitting the tattered crown he wears as the worst jobs president since the Great Depression… and possibly the worst jobs president in history… Obama finds the only strategy he and the Democrats can run on in the 2010 mid-terms election is railing against “the failed policies of the Bush administration;” conveniently forgetting that four years ago in 2006, then Senator Obama and the Democrats won majority control of Congress.

Obama rocketed to the White House in 2008 on a “change you can believe in” slogan. With double-digit unemployment and trillions of dollars wasted in deficit spending, Obama and the Democrats are now telling voters they shouldn’t change a thing.

Stumping for Democrats in Democrat enclaves, Obama preaches to the choir with taunts more appropriate to a 6 year-old, telling Republicans,

“You say you want the keys back? No, you can’t have the keys back. You don’t know how to drive! “And I want to point out, when you get in your car, when you go forward, what do you do? You put it in ‘D.’ When you want to go back, what do you do? You put it in ‘R.’ We don’t want to go into reverse back in the ditch. We want to go forwards. We got to put it in ‘D.’”

That is just so clever…except when you’re at the edge of a cliff. Then you want to put the car in ’R.’

It’s also stupid. Would you rather have Obama’s 10.8% unemployment; projected to go even higher, or the worst unemployment of 7.6% under the eight years of George Bush?

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Clinton Says Byrd Joined Ku Klux Klan “Just to Get Elected”

In his eulogy to the late Sen. Robert Byrd, former president and good ol’ boy Bill Clinton explained that Byrd wasn’t really a racist. He just pretended to be one and only joined the Ku Klux Klan to get elected.

"They mention that he once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, and what does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means," Clinton said. "He was a country boy from the hills and hollows of West Virginia. He was trying to get elected. And maybe he did something he shouldn’t have done, and he spent the rest of his life making it up. And that’s what a good person does. There are no perfect people. There certainly are no perfect politicians."

Clinton at Byrd serviceIn other words, the country boy from the hills and hollows of Arkansas argues it was perfectly fine for the country boy from the hills and hollows of West Virginia to join an organization that lynched blacks and Jews. After all, Clinton explained, “He was just trying to get elected,” as if that legitimizes something so heinous

Clinton said that Byrd’s Ku Klux Klan affiliation was merely “a fleeting association.” That “fleeting association” seems to have lasted nearly a quarter of a century. Shortly after joining the KKK in 1942, Byrd was elected “Kleagle,” an officer whose role in the Klan is to recruit new members. In a letter to the Klan’s Imperial Wizard in 1946, Byrd wrote that the KKK was “needed today as never before.” Byrd was still practicing blatant discrimination and racism 22 years after joining the KKK when he filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Byrd was the only senator to vote against both Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court.

Clinton’s shameless white-washing of Sen. Byrd’s history of racial discrimination was as spurious and phony as his teary-eyed, “I feel your pain” whimpers. Too bad the senate’s other long-term racial segregationist, the late Sen. Strom Thurmond, left the Democratic Party to become a Republican. Clinton could have explained how a country boy from the hills and hollows of South Carolina only practiced racial discrimination to get elected.

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Pelosi to House Dems: Let’s Play “Pretend”

Newt Gingrich got it right in saying last year Democrats were passing bills without reading them. This year, they are trying to pass bills without voting on them.

Pelosi wants to play “Let’s Pretend” the Senate bill has passed. This makes about as much sense as the old “Assume a Can Opener” joke.

Even though House Democrats outnumber Republicans 256 to 178 – a 78 seat margin, there are difficulties. Unable to find enough Democrats to walk the plank and commit political suicide by voting for the Senate version of the trillion dollar a year entitlement boondoggle called “health care reform”, Pelosi & Company are trotting out a nefarious ruse known as a “self-executing rule”, also known as a “hereby rule.” Under this shifty stunt, House Democrats would pretend [deem] the Senate bill was passed and vote only on reconciliation corrections.

As long as we’re going to pretend and “deem” something to have been done, let’s take it a step further. Assuming, and that’s not much assuming, Republicans win back the House in the 2010 mid-term election. Doesn’t it make just as much sense for the Republicans to “deem” the health care bill never passed as it does for Democrats today to “deem” health care has passed? Neither one has an up or down vote as Article 1, Section 7 of the United States Constitution stipulates. I call it the “self-canceling rule.”

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Kucinich Sells His Health Care Vote for an Airplane Ride

Kucinich Democrat Nebraska Sen. Ben “The Price is Right” Nelson got $100 million “Cornhusker Kickback” for his ObamaCare vote. Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu got $300 million for sticking it to America in a second “Louisiana Purchase” scheme.

Poor little Dennis Kucinich…all the diminuative Ohio Democrat got was an airplane ride with the president for his ObamaCare vote.

Kucinich told Obama that he wants a full ERISA waver and a public option in exchange for his vote.  And if he actually gets an ERISA waver, it will be the biggest victory of the entire health care debate.   As Jon Walker says, “ERISA is the 900 pound Gorilla that has fucked up America’s health care system something good.”

ERISA prevents states from telling employers or labor unions what kind of insurance they must offer. Not having an ERISA waiver would make adopting a true state-based single payer system incredibly difficult, if not impossible, and make implementing a strict employer mandate system impossible in other states.

If on the other hand he settles for some worthless reassurances that “Obama will work toward it in the future” (which nobody but Lynn Woolsey is dumb enough to actually believe), or a meaningless symbolic vote that achieves little more than 15 minutes of futile grandstanding, good luck to him.  A thousand people have donated over $16,000 to Dennis since yesterday to thank him for standing up for what he believes in. We’ll be asking him to return it.

I wonder if Dennis knows he is now a bona fide member of the Mile High Club.

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Top Obama scientist still wallowing in global warming fantasy

Despite a decade and a half of no global warming, a top Obama administration scientist on Monday struck back at climate change skeptics who claim that record-breaking snowstorms this winter have undercut evidence of global warming.

“It is important that people recognize that weather is not the same thing as climate,” said Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Pardon me, Ms. Lubchenco…but you don’t know what you are talking about! I have it from the world’s foremost authority on climate change, Al Gore – the global warming guru himself – that Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming. Is Al Gore wrong, or are hurricanes not weather patterns?

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The “Bush Tax Cuts”

President Barack Obama not withstanding, did I just hear another Democrat blame the depressed and wretched economy on the “Bush tax cuts?”

Unless moonbeam liberal Democrats have made the Constitution a “living document”, and subject to their own whims and interpretation, my well-thumbed copy of the Constitution says in Article I, Section 8,

“The Congress shall have the power – To lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States…”

So which party is it that has had a filibuster-proof, majority control of the Congress since 2006?

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