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Approval of Congress at All Time Low

According to the latest Gallup Poll, just 14% of Americans have any confidence in the new Democratic led congress that swept into office just 6 months ago. This 14% Congressional confidence rating is the all-time low for this measure, which … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter Endorses Hamas

“The United States, Israel and the European Union must end their policy of favoring Fatah over Hamas, or they will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict between the rival movements, former US President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday.” Far from … Continue reading

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Schwarzenegger’s Hummer Cause of Darfur

“The Darfur conflict began as an ecological crisis, arising at least in part from climate change,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in a Washington Post opinion column. UN statistics showed that rainfall declined some 40 percent over the past … Continue reading

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The Sky is Falling…The Sky is Falling

Global warming is très chic, the latest fad of the in-crowd, the cause du jour of the rich and pampered Hollywood elite. Farm Aid, Band-Aid, Save Tibet, Save the Whales, Save the Children, Save the Queen, and now today, Save … Continue reading

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“I’ll be Sheehan You…”

Cindy Sheehan is calling it quits. She has tendered her resignation as the “face” of the anti-war movement. Barely two years after squatting in a sun-baked Crawford, Texas ditch outside the Bush ranch, Mother Sheehan is going home and try … Continue reading

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