The Undecided Voter

The pundits tell us the “undecided voter” may determine this election. That is downright frightening!

What kind of person is an undecided voter? Am I to understand that the undecided voter still hasn’t made up their minds about Barack Obama who has been campaigning for almost two years? That they’re still undecided about John McCain who also ran for president in 2000 and has been a senator for 35 years?

As John Stossel would say, “Give me a break!”

What are they waiting for? The other night when Obama gave his 30 minute infomercial that cut out the World Series pre-game show, Frank Luntz, the political pollster who works with focus groups, had a group of undecided voters in Tampa whom he interviewed before and after the Obama show. In the before interview, one lady said she was waiting to hear, “what is he [Obama] really, really, really going to do? I want more than just good rhetoric.”

For Heaven’s sake lady, have you done any research at all on the candidates? Are you still at a total loss as to what each wants to do? Have you bothered to compare the candidates’ positions on the major issues? Have you given any thought to the character, experience, and judgment of the candidates? Are you still bewildered of the philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans?

To be perfectly honest ma’am, if you haven’t figured out by now what each candidate “is really, really, really going to do”, you probably shouldn’t be voting.

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